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Bay Leaf Candle Collar

Dried Chilli and Bay Leave Decoration

You will need:

20 to 25 bay leaves, or other leaves as desired
3" diameter round candle, 3" high in white
40 straight pins
1/2 yard twine in natural color
Caution: Remove leaves and twine before burning candle
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Lay fresh leaves on flat work surface, arranging each in vertical orientation. Place candle on work surface. Lay one leaf on center front of candle, taking with pin. Arrange next two leaves at either side of center leaf, slightly overlapping adjacent leaves, tacking with pins.
Continue as before, arranging and pinning leaves around candle until leaves overlap at back. Wrap twine around leaves on candle, brining ends around to front leaf. Tie twine into bow or knot. Remove pins. You can also add red chilli's for a little colour.

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