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Scientific & Technical units named after people
unitsymbolpersonquantity measuredvalue
ampere A André-Marie Ampère electric current C/s
angstrom Å Anders Jonas Ångström length 10e-10 m
baud - Jean-Maurice-Émile Baudot signal transmission speed 1 unit per second
becquerel Bq Antoine-Henri Becquerel disintigration rate one disintigration per second
bel B Alexander Graham Bell power comparison dimensionless
biot Bi Jean Baptiste Biot electric current 10 A
blondel - André-Eugène Blondel luminence p-1 cd·m-2
Bubnoff unit - Bubnoff speed 10e-6 m/year
clausius Cl Rudolf Julius Emanuel Clausius entropy cal/K
coulomb C Charles-Augustin de Coulomb electric charge A·s
curie Ci Marie and Pierre Curie disintigrtion rate 3.7e10 Bq
dalton - John Dalton mass 1/16 the mass of an oxygen-16 atom
darwin - Charles Darwin evolutionary change
debey D Peter Joseph Wilhelm Debey electric dipole moment (10e-19/c) C·m
einstein E Albert Einstein quanity of light one mole of photons
Eotvos unit E Roland, Baron von Eötvös gradient of acceleration 10e-9 s-2
farad F Michael Faraday electric capacitance A·s/V
faraday Fd Michael Faraday electric charge the charge of a mole of electrons
fermi fm Enrico Fermi length 10e-15 m
franklin Fr Benjamin Franklin electric charge 3.33564e-10 C
gal - Galileo Galilei acceleration cm·s-2
gauss G Carl Friedrich Gauss magnetic induction 10e-4 T
gilbert - William Gilbert electromotive force 10/4p A·turns
gray Gy L. H. Gray radiation dose J/kg
hartree - Douglas Rayner Hartree energy approximately 27.21 eV
hefner candle - Friedrich Franz von Hefner-Alteneck luminous intensity 0.903 candle
henry H Joseph Henry inductance V·s/A
hertz Hz Heinrich R. Hertz frequency 1 cycle/second
jansky Jy Karl C. Jansky radio source strength 10e-26 J/m2·
joule J James Prescott Joule energy kg·m2s-2
kayser K Heinrich Gustav Johannes Kayser wave number wavelength/cm
kelvin K William Thompson, Lord Kelvin temperature
lambert lam Johann Heinrich Lambert luminance lumen/cm2
langley - Samuel P. Langley energy flux per area cal/ cm2
mach M, Ma Ernst Mach speed [depends on the medium]
maxwell Mx, M James Clerk Maxwell magnetic flux 10e-8 Wb
neper Np John Napier amplitude comparison dimensionless
newton N Isaac Newton force kg·m·s-2
oersted Oe H. C. Oersted magnetic field strength maxwell/cm
ohm W George Simon Ohm electric resistance
pascal Pa Blaise Pascal pressure N/m2
planck - Max K. E. L. Planck action J·s
poise P Jean-Louis-Marie Poiseuille dynamic viscosity 0.1 Pa·s
reyn - Osborne Reynolds dynamic viscosity 10e4·(1.45)-1 Pa·s
roentgen R William Conrad Röntgen radiation exposure 2.58e4 A·s/kg
rutherford rd Ernst Rutherford disintigration rate 10e6 Bq
rydberg Ry Johannes Robert Rydberg energy approx. 2.425e-28 J
sabin - Wallace Clement Sabine sound absorption
savart - Félix Savart pitch interval 1/300 of an octave
siemens S Ernst Werner von Siemens electric conductance W-1
sievert Sv R. M. Sievert dose equivalent of radiation J/kg
stokes St George Stokes kinematic viscosity 10e-4 m2/s
Svedberg S Theodor S. Svedberg sedimentation coefficient (time) 10e-13 s
sverdrup - Harald Ulrich Sverdrup flow 10e6 m3/s
talbot - William Henry Fox Talbot quantity of light lm·s
tesla T Nicola Tesla magnetic flux density kg/A·s2
torr - Evangelista Torricelli pressure 133.32 Pa
volt V Alessandro Volta potential difference W/A
watt W James Watt power



weber Wb Wilhelm Eduard Weber magnetic flux V·s


Scientific & Technical scales named after people
scalepersonwhat it measures
Antonadi scale ? astronomical viewing conditions
Atterberg scale (or limits) ? soil behavior in the presence of water
Baumé scale Antoine Baumé density of liquids
Beaufort scale Sir Francis Beaufort wind speed
Beranek scale Leo R. Beranek loudness of noise
Binet-Simon scale Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon human intelligence
Brix scale Adolf F. W. Brix strength of sugar solution
Cattell scale James McKeen Cattell human intelligence
Celsius scale Anders Celsius temperature
Dalton’s temperature scale John Dalton temperature
Douglas scale H. P. Douglas ocean surface disturbance
Fahrenheit scale Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit temperature
Forel scale François-Alphonse Forel ocean and lake water color
Giaque’s temperature scale William Francis Giaque? temperature
Holmes scale T.H. Holmes psychological stress
Kelvin temperature scale William Thompson, Lord Kelvin temperature
Kelvin time scale William Thompson, Lord Kelvin stellar collapse time
Linke scale ? shades of blue (of the sky)
Mohs scale Friedrich Mohs mineral hardness
Pauling scale Linus Carl Pauling electronegativity (chemistry)
Pythagorean scale Pythagoras musical pitch
Rankine scale William John Macquorn Rankine temperature
Réaumur scale René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur temperature
Richter scale Charles Francis Richter earthquake magnitude
Twaddell scale William Twaddell density of liquids
Wechsler scale David Wechsler human intelligence
Wentworth scale C. K. Wentworth sedimentary rock particle size


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