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In 1973, Topps reinvented wacky packs with a new format. Instead of perforations, every image was on a self-adhesive sticker-back card. The new cards where now called, Topps' Wacky Packages. Jay Lynch, a comics legend responsible for many of the Bazooka Joe cartoons, was also chiefly responsible for the art and concepts of Wacky Packages.  These cards are referred to as the Original Series and have some of the best art work.

Knots Gelatine Scorch Mouthwash Yicks Cough Drops
Canadian Clod Hostile Thinkies Burpsi-Cola
Hex-Lax Cheep Detergent Kleenaxe Tissues
Bam Paid Killers Ivery Snow
Shot Tissue Hopeless Snow Balls Rolaches
Yubum Coffee Biva Towels Smoocher's Jam
Daffy Baking Powder Kentucky Fried Fingers Scary Lee
Dr. Popper Choke-Up Toothpaste Kong Fu
Mop & Glop Cleaner STD Oil Shortage Hardly-Wrap
Lipoff Cup-A-Slop Bone Ami Suffertone

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