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weird11Weird Facts & Trivia 11


    1. In 1877, Jimmy, a monkey, was charged with assault after he bit the finger of Mary Shea, in New York. On hearing the case the judge said he could not legally commit a monkey. Jimmy then respectfully removed his velvet hat, climbed atop the judge’s desk and attempted to shake his hand. Source NY Times 1877
    2. When bitten by a coral snake, a Texas man killed the snake by biting off the snake’s head and using the decapitated body as a tourniquet. Source
    3. Jonathan Lee Riches got the Guinness world record for having filed the highest number of lawsuits in the world. When he heard of this, he sued the Guinness Book of World Records. Source
    4. The smell of books makes some people need to poop. The Mariko Aoki phenomenon is a phenomenon consisting of the urge to defecate while visiting a bookstore. Originating in Japan, it is named for the woman who first publicized such an urge. Source
    5. There was a man born with no depth perception, but while attending a 3D movie, his brain repaired the condition. Source
    6. A 20 year old female and a 23 year old male auctioned off their virginity. Her highest bidder bid $780 000, and his highest bidder bid only $3000. Source
    7. A lost wallet is more likely to be returned if you have a photo of a baby in it. In a 2009 study, 88% of wallets with a baby photo were returned, followed by wallets with a photo of a puppy (53%), family (48%) and an old couple (28%). Only 15% of control wallets were returned. Source
    8. Oral Roberts claimed he had a vision of a giant Jesus telling him to build a hospital. When the hospital was losing $10 million/year, Roberts claimed he had another vision from giant Jesus threatened to kill him if he didn’t raise $8 million. The hospital went bankrupt being $25 million in debt. Source

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    9. Smokers actually cost society LESS in healthcare dollars, due to earlier average age of death. Source
    10. Ancient Rome had a 4 story tall shopping mall with 150 shops and offices. Source
    11. A group of writers purposely wrote a terrible novel full of nothing but sex scenes to prove how vulgar American culture had become. It became a bestseller. Source
    12. A man in China has kept himself alive with a homemade dialysis machine for 13 years. Source
    13. An Irish youth snatched a homeless mans pet bunny from his arms and threw it off the bridge they were standing on, the homeless man immediately jumped after it and resuscitated the bunny before he passed out and firefighters saved him, the youth was later convicted of torture and animal cruelty. Source
    14. The municipal government of Paris passed a resolution to prohibit Tom Cruise from becoming an honorary citizen of the city. Source
    15. In 1836 a group of young boys discovered a group of 17 miniature coffins buried in a cave outside Edinburgh, Scotland. The coffins contain tiny dolls, each individually dressed, and the coffins all differ in their decoration. No one knows who buried them, when, or why. Source
    16. Martin Luther King Jr. said homosexuality was a problem that required psychiatric attention. Source
    17. Kim Jong Il was the largest customer of Hennessy in the world, spending over $650,000 a year on it. Source
    18. If you bought $350 million worth of Powerball tickets (at $2 a ticket), it’s theoretically possible to guarantee winning as there are approximately ‘only’ 175 million possible number combinations. Source
    19. Male US Marines in uniform cannot carry an umbrella. Source
    20. There is a garden in a bottle that has only been watered once and is still going strong 40 years later. Source
    21. There is a company, named Maximum Performance, that creates fake poop for testing new toilet designs. Source
    22. A homeless man stole 4 cookies from a restaurant in California and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison under a 3 strikes law. The man later killed himself to avoid prison. Source
    23. Over 20% of the US population believe that vaccines cause autism. Source
    24. Cats were dropped from planes during WWII with a bomb strapped to them hoping the cat would avoid the water and land on the decks of enemy ships. Source



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