Weird Myths
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Old Wives Tales refer to sayings, practices or stories that have been passed down from generation to generation.

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Acne and Chocolate: Chocolate will give you acne.Studies have failed to show any connection between the two, there is little evidence to suggest that your diet affects acne at all.

Zit Popping: Squeezing and popping zits will help clear up acne faster. Popping zits can lead to permanent scarring on your face and is not recommended.


Bats are blind. Blind as a bat, many species of bats have excellent eyesight. Bats use an exceptionally advanced echolocation and eyesight to give them excellent perception.


Cigarettes Three: Never light three cigarettes with the same match.

Coffee will sober you up. Coffee cannot change the alcohol content in your body. Coffee will only make you a wide awake drunk, it will not sober you up.

Being Cold Gives You a Cold: The funny thing about this is that cold germs does not do well in colder weather, but the flu virus thrives in colder air. The only thing that affects you getting a cold is the germ itself and you less likely to come in contact the the germ in colder weather. If you come into contact with someone who has a cold, breathe through your mouth, mouth germs can actually help kill the cold germs.



Ears Burn: If your ears burn, someone’s talking about you.

Eyes Dim Light: You'll hurt your eyes reading in dim light. You may get eyestrain, but it will not affect your eyesight.


Feed a fever, strave a cold: In fact, both colds and fevers cause dehydration, so liquids are essential when suffering from either. Your body needs lots of liquids and food to keep you energy up. So, you should feed a fever and feed a cold and get plenty of liquids.


Goosebumps Grave: Goosebumps mean someone just walked over your grave.


Hat on Bed: Never put a hat on a bed.

Horseshoe: A horseshoe is good luck.


Itchy Nose: if you nose itches, you’ll kiss a fool.

Itches: If your nose itches, someone must be thinking of you.


Jealous Man: A jealous man is a faithful man.


Knuckle Cracking: Cracking your knuckles is going to give you arthritis someday. Cracking your knucles will not give you arthritis, but continuous knuckle cracking over a period of several years can lead to some cartilage damage ans swelling.


Ladder Bad Luck: It’s bad luck to walk under a ladder.


Mirror 7 years: If you break a mirror, you'll have 7 years of bad luck.

Moon Calves: If you wean calves in the dark of the moon, they won’t bawl for their mamas.




Potatoes Good Friday: Potatoes must be planted on Good Friday.



Rabbits Foot: A rabbits foot will bring you good luck.

Rain on Easter: If it rains on Easter Sunday, it will rain the next seven Sundays in a row.


Salt Spilled: Spilling salt is bad luck and to remove it, you must throw a pinch over your left shoulder.

Swimming Wait an Hour: Wait an hour after eating before you go swimming or you will get a cramp. Well no one has been able to prove this and in fact the opposite is true. Many swimmers bulk up on the carbs before a big swim meet, to give them extra energy.


Teeth and Candy: Candy causes tooth decay. Guess what foods like crackers and salty chips can contribute more to tooth decay, then sugary candy. Good dental hygiene and regular fluoride treatments are the best ways to prevent cavities.

TV and Eyesight: Sitting too close to the TV set is bad for your eyes. Not true, but studys have shown that children who spend 10 hours or more in front of the tv each week are more likely to become overweight, aggressive, and slower in school. Sitting too much at the TV is bad for you.


Umbrella: Opening an umbrella in the house is bad luck.






  1. Avoid people who talk to themselves. According to Ukrainian legend, that could indicate a dual soul and the second one doesn't die!
  2. Also watch out for the seventh son of a seventh son, a person born with a red caul (amniotic membrane covering the head), or a child born with teeth.
  3. A vampire can result if a cat or dog walks over a fresh grave, a bat flies over the corpse, or the person has died suddenly as a result of suicide or murder.
  4. Unfinished business can also cause a body to rise, as can inadequate burial rites, including a grave that is too shallow.
  5. Long ago, the people of Nicaragua believed that if they threw beautiful young women into a volcano it would stop erupting.
  6. In medieval times, thunderstorms were believed by some to be the work of demons. So when it stormed, bell ringers would go up into the bell towers to ring the consecrated bells in an effort to stop the storm. This practice didn't always work out well for the bell ringer.




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