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  1. Thunderstorms create antimatter.
  2. Building a time machine is believed to be scientifically possible but requires building a gigantic particle accelerator in space, stabilizing space-time foam, plucking out a wormhole, enlarging it and connecting it a gravitational field. Source
  3. Due to the advanced metallurgy of the ancient Chinese, some of the weapons held by the Terracotta Army (after 2,200 years underground) were still sharp, rust-free, and shiny once a thin oxide layer was removed. Source
  4. Over 100 Chinese elementary schools are sponsored by tobacco companies, where children under 10 are encouraged to use tobacco products and their uniforms bear cigarette logos. Chinese consume 50,000 cigarettes every second. Source
  5. If you write any number in words (English), count the number of letters, write this new number in words and so on, you’ll end with number 4. Source
  6. Whilst being burnt alive at the stake in 1556 a woman gave birth to a live baby who the executioner then threw back into the flames. Source

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  7. In 1938 Hitler offered to let the Jews leave peacefully. A conference was held, and the US, Britain, and most other countries in attendance refused to take in substantial numbers of Jews. Source
  8. In most of the United States you can be fired from your job for basically no reason and have no legal recourse. Source
  9. The 1st US Minimum Wage Law was instituted in 1938. The minimum wage was 25 cents per hour.
  10. Yuki people, native Americans from California, use base 8 instead of 10, because they don’t count with their fingers, but with the space between them Source
  11. All the drugs tested on spiders reduced web regularity except for small doses of LSD, which resulted in more ordered webs. Source
  12. In India, many people believe that women who die in childbirth or pregnancy can return as undead vampires and suck blood of their male relatives. Source
  13. Dancing in nightclubs is illegal in Japan. Source
  14. Napping improves your stamina, boosts your creativity, reduces your stress, increases productivity, decision making ability, your sex life and much more. Source
  15. Scientists are working on a nuclear fusion rocket which could reach Mars in 30 days. Source
  16. The sight of meat calms men down. Source
  17. Despite sharing the same oral language, British, Irish, Australian and American sign language are all completely different languages. Source
  18. The state of Texas has over 450 ghost towns. Source
  19. Pop entertainer Cathy Wayne was the first Australian woman killed in the Vietnam War, when a US Marine shot her on stage while she was performing. Source
  20. Leonardo Da Vinci used to buy caged animals at the market just to set them free. Source
  21. The reason Tetris is so addictive is because of deep-seated psychological drive to tidy up. Source
  22. In 2006, some guys climbed Britain’s highest mountain and discovered a piano on top of it. Source
  23. Renowned concert pianist Krystian Zimerman’s personal Steinway grand piano was confiscated when he landed in New York City to give a recital at Carnegie Hall. US customs destroyed his piano, claiming the glue smelled like explosives. Source
  24. The Yakuza operate openly in Japan: they have offices, make charitable donations, and even have large investments in mainstream companies. Source
  25. If space is truly infinite and has an isotopic matter distribution, then probability dictates that there is an exact copy of you in the universe within 10 to the 10^28 meters of you, due to the finite possible arrangements of matter. Source


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