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Take any size can, Remove the labels, tops, and bottoms of the cans. Draw a design on the top l/3 portion of the can, and fill with water and put in freezer. After freezing, punch out spaced holes in the design with an awl or a punch or a thin nail so that the glow from the candle will show thru the design. Make sure there is enuff space in the bottom of the can to allow for dripping candle wax. You might even want to insert a tiny smaller can inside to catch the drippings, like a tuna can or a cat food can. These cans can be painted with acrylic paints and top sprayed with a clear finish if you like, or embellished however you wish as long as you remember there will be a candle in them.



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Presto - luminarias or whatever purpose you want. You can use smaller cans for in home use, larger cans for patio trimmings, cans for holding citronella candles for bugs on the patio in the summer. Most luminarias are placed along the driveway and walk paths at Christmas time in an Hispanic Community tradition. I have seen these done and the effect is beautiful!

Lavender Herbal Candles

Pillar Candles



Roll the bottom half (or third) of a pillar candle through crushed botanicals after "painting" that portion with craft glue. You could use lavender (especially nice  with a white, ivory or pale colored candle), crushed rose petals oranything else you like. For extra fragrance, scent the botanicals with fragrance oil first and let dry before rolling. These candles look so beautiful displayed as a centerpiece or in the bathroom and add a nice fragrance wherever you place them!





Beeswax Rolled Candles

Beeswax Sheets


  • Preformed sheets of colored paraffin
  • Candle wicking
  • Old cookie baking sheet

This is perhaps the simplest method of making candles at home. The height of the paraffin sheet will determine the height of the finished candle, and length of the strip will determine its radius. A craft knife can be used to cut the paraffin strips to the desired size. Start by placing the paraffin sheet on the cookie sheet.

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Place a piece of candle wicking slightly longer than the height of your candle along the side, allow it to overhang slightly. Then simply roll the paraffin around the wick (If your paraffin is very stiff, you may wish to warm it with a hairdryer on low). Continue rolling paraffin around the candle

until you reach the desired thickness.

Bay Leaf Candle Collar

Dried Chilli and Bay Leave Decoration

You will need:

20 to 25 bay leaves, or other leaves as desired
3" diameter round candle, 3" high in white
40 straight pins
1/2 yard twine in natural color
Caution: Remove leaves and twine before burning candle
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Lay fresh leaves on flat work surface, arranging each in vertical orientation. Place candle on work surface. Lay one leaf on center front of candle, taking with pin. Arrange next two leaves at either side of center leaf, slightly overlapping adjacent leaves, tacking with pins.
Continue as before, arranging and pinning leaves around candle until leaves overlap at back. Wrap twine around leaves on candle, brining ends around to front leaf. Tie twine into bow or knot. Remove pins. You can also add red chilli's for a little colour.

To Change the Color of Flame:

Colour FlamesFor Candles: add the chemicals to the wax, or soak the wicks in a solution of  the chemicals using the "recipes" below

To Add to a Fire: Put three level spoons of the chemical into a paper cup; fill 1/2 full with water and stir. Soak several small chips of wood in this solution overnight. The next day, remove the chips with tweezers and lay on newspaper to dry. They can now be added to the lames to produce bright colors.

Green flame: Borax or Boric acid, copper nitrates or barium nitrates, alum (thallium)

Orange flame: calcium chloride

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Red flame: stronium nitrate, some sources site Boric acid as well

Reddish/Orange-calcium choloride

Yellow flame: Table salt, Sodium Chlorate or Potassium Nitrate

Yellow/Green-borax (sodium tetraborate)

Purple flame: Lithium Chlorate, (potassium nitrate)

White: psom Salts (magnesium sulfate)

Another  special effect can be achieved by sprinkling powdered iron into a flame. If this is done slowly enough, a number of yellow, sparkling "stars' can be seen clearly.




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