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weird22Weird Facts & Trivia 22


  1. When the Polk County, FL sheriff was asked why a suspect was shot 68 times, he replied “That’s all the bullets we had“. Source
  2. The chlorine “smell” in pools is due to the chemical’s reaction with impurities…like poop…. Source
  3. The State of Georgia was originally colonized with three prohibitions: no alcohol, no slavery, and no Catholics. Source
  4. The worlds longest hangover lasted 4 weeks after a Scotsman consumed 60 pints of beer. Source

  5. In Holland’s embassy in Moscow, two Siamese cats kept meowing and clawing at the walls of the building. Their owners finally investigated, thinking they would find mice. Instead, they discovered microphones hidden by Russian spies. Source
  6. The Coca-Cola Company once tested a vending machine that raised prices in hot weather. This was back in 1999, when the Coca-Cola Company got the idea that people would be willing to pay a higher price for a nice cold drink when the weather is hot. Thus they developed and tested a vending machine that allowed them to test that idea. This technology would have also allowed vending machines to lower prices during times of low traffic in order to boost sales. But this special vending machine never did get released anywhere for unknown reasons. Source

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  7. In 1901 a doctor named Duncan MacDougall tried to prove the existence of the human soul. To do so he measured the weight of a person at the moment of death. He had 6 patients all of which experienced weight loss with the average loss of weight being 21 grams. Source
  8. Men are more likely to be victims of dating violence than women. And women are more likely than men to “stalk, attack, and abuse” their partners. Source
  9. The poorest place in the US is 96% Native American and the median income of men is $0. Source
  10. In 2004 an elephant charged and killed a mother and her child, then proceeded to bury their bodies before leaving the scene. Source
  11. André the Giant was known to pay for his meal, regardless of whether he was the host or the guest. As Arnold Schwarzenegger was about to pay for the meal “found himself being physically lifted, carried back to his table and deposited in his seat by Andre, who stated emphatically, ‘I pay’.” Source
  12. Russia is suspected to have at least 15 secret cities. These “closed cities” are officially classified by the government, with their names and location unknown, they appear on no maps, no road signs will direct you to them, and visits from foreigners are strictly prohibited. Source
  13. British soldiers executed Indian rebels by tying them to the mouth of a canon, then firing… Source
  14. The most recent beheading for sorcery in Saudi Arabia was in 2012. Source
  15. There was a German serial killer who lived in a cave and killed 964 people. Source
  16. A man is selling evidence that Nicolas Cage is a vampire for $1 million dollars. SourceNicolas-Cage-is-a-vampire
  17. Only 2 people knew Darth Vader was Luke’s father, 6 total before audiences saw it. A fake page was put in the script; Mark Hamill was informed 5 minutes prior to shooting the scene, and was told the man playing Darth Vader would be using incorrect dialogue, and to “act” as if he said it. Source
  18. There is an entire city in Nevada into which the general public isn’t allowed to go. Source
  19. Rich moms hire handicapped tour guides to bypass lines at Disney World. Source
  20. A black man tried to integrate the University of Mississippi in 1958 and not only was rejected, but sent to an insane asylum. Source
  21. In Christian iconography, some works of art depict women with their breasts in their hands or on a platter, signifying that they died as a martyr by having their breasts severed; one example of this is Saint Agatha of Sicily. Source
  22. John F. Kennedy, when stranded on the Solomon Islands, wrote a rescue message on a coconut, and was rescued. He got the coconut back, and it was on his desk in the Oval Office. Source
  23. China-flagChina has banned reincarnation without permission from the government. Source
  24. Pirate Benjamin Hornigold once attacked a ship just to take their hats. Source
  25. A married couple in the UK realized they were twins separated at birth. Source



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0 #1 leanne oneill 2013-09-19 06:52
8.Men are more likely to be victims of dating violence than women. And women are more likely than men to “stalk, attack, and abuse” their partners. I checked the source. Don't misquote your source. It doesn't say that at all, I read it.

Direct from the source page;
Men are More Likely Than Women to Be Victims in Dating Violence:

A recent 32-nation study by the University of New Hampshire found female students initiate partner violence as often as male students and controlling behavior exists equally in perpetrators of both sexes.
Here is an additional source

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