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weird32Weird Facts & Trivia 32

  1. Only 9 percent of students at for-profit universities graduate within 6 years. Source
  2. The US Supreme Court building has a basketball court on the top floor known as “The Highest Court in the Land“. Source
  3. A typical microwave oven consumes more electricity powering its digital clock than it does heating food. While heating food requires as much as 100 times the power as running the clock does, the microwave heats food less than 1% of the time while the clock is typically always running. Therefore, in total, the clock uses up more electricity. Read More
  4. Sweden’s recycling program is so successful that they are asking Norway for their trash to power their own Waste-to-Power plants because they don’t have enough non-recycled waste. Source
  5. The electric chair was invented by a dentist!
  6. Rich Manhattan moms hire handicapped tour guides to bypass lines at Disney World. Source
  7. The most used letter in the English alphabet is 'E', and 'Q' is the least used!
  8. The opposite sides of a dice cube always add up to seven!
  9. Voltaire became independently wealthy by exploiting a mathematical flaw in the 1728 French lottery. Source
  10. Twins Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were separated at birth, when they were put up for adoption in 1940. They met for the first time when they were thirty-nine. It turns out that the name Jim was actually given to each of them independently, by their respective adoptive parents—and that’s only the beginning of the uncanny parallel. Both men had married twice—first to women named Linda, and then to women named Betty. Both had childhood dogs named Toy. Their sons’ names were James Allen and James Alan. Both worked as sheriff’s deputies, drank the same beer, smoked the same cigarettes, and drove the same chevrolet. This story, unsurprisingly, is often used as evidence for telepathy. Source

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  11. The IKEA Catalog is the 3rd most printed publication in the world after the Bible and Harry Potter. Read More
  12. The sun is 330,330 times larger than the earth!
  13. The first official motor vehicle “speeding” ticket was handed out in the UK, when a gentleman named Walter Arnold was caught rocketing down the road at the breakneck speed of… 8 MPH. Source
  14. Evian (the bottled water) spelled backwards is "naive."
  15. pineapplePineapples are not a single fruit, but a group of berries that have fused together Source
  16. February 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.
  17. The longest prison term ever sentenced was 2,200 years. He appealed, was re-convicted, re-sentenced, and given an additional 9,000 years. Source
  18. Flying from London to New York by Concord, due to the time zones crossed, you can arrive 2 hours before you leave.
  19. From the age of thirty, humans gradually begin to shrink in size.
  20. There is a coffee shop in South Carolina where every customer only pays for the next customer’s drink. Source
  21. Hara kiri is an impolite way of saying the Japanese word "seppuku" which means, literally, "belly splitting."
  22. There is a town in Brazil that powers its streetlights by having convicts pedal bicycles attached to generators. Source
  23. Heroin is the brand name of morphine once marketed by Bayer.
  24. From 1979 to 1993, NYC had upwards of 3000 non-working fire hydrants on sidewalks for the sole purpose of increasing parking violation revenue. Source
  25. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s family filed a civil case in 1999, alleging that his assassination was the result of a police/federal conspiracy, and won. Their restitution? $100, to prove it was not for financial gain. Source


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