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snotWhat Are Boogers Made Of?

Boogers are made from secretions (Mu-u-u-u-cus!) also often called snot. Mucus or snot is the slimy, slippery substance that is produced in your nose. Your nose will produce a liter of snot every day. Snot is produced by the mucous membranes in the nose, the snot moistens & protects the nose. Boogers are made of dried mucous, dust,pollen & anything undesirable breathed up your nose. The air you breath contains plenty of small particles, like dust, dirt, germs, & pollen, the snot acts as a filter. This protects the lungs from theses particles which could damage your lungs . Snot works by trapping the particles & keeping them in the nose, small hairs called cilia act as parts of a conveyor belt, moving the particle-laden mucous to areas where it can be eliminated from the body. The mucus dries around the particles. When the particles & dried-out mucus clump together, you are left with a booger! When you blow your nose or cough up a snot-ball, the cilia & mucus have done their job. Boogers can be squishy & slimy or hard & crumbly. In fact, boogers are a sign that your nose is working properly. Eating boogers is said to boost your immune system when your a child. Bon Appetit!!!

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Recipe: Make Your Own Fake Snot !

WHAT YOU NEED: light corn syrup - nonflavoured gelatin - cup - water - microwave or stove - permission from your family to cook in the kitchen, or family help.

WHAT TO DO: Heat 1/2 cup water just till it boils. remove the heat. Sprinkle in three envelopes of nonflavoured gelatin. Let it soften a couple of minutes and stir with a fork. Add enough corn syrup to form one cup of thick glop. Stir with the fork and scoop out the long strands of goo. as it cools, you will need to add additional water, spoonful by spoonful.

SO WHAT: mucus is formed largely out of sugars and protein. that's what you used to build your pretend snot, only you used totally different|completely different} proteins and different sugars. Did you see those long, fine strings within your pretend snot once you lifted out the fork? Those strands are proteins. they are why real snot may be stretched out real long. The protein in snot helps make it sticky, too. (The protein in your fake snot is just gelatin.)


Build Some Boogers !

WHAT YOU NEED: The pretend snot you just happen to have created.

WHAT TO DO: ask somebody who is aware of to show you the proper way to change the vacuum bag. (You can sell everybody on the thought of doing this experiment because you may now be able to help out round the house.) Go outside with the dirt bag and your pretend snot. Blow a bit of the dust from the vacuum. it is very fine and may be a unhealthy thing to breathe into our bodies. Dump a pinch of the best dust onto your pretend snot. now stir it up. Look closely into the goo from the side. you just created pretend boogers!

SO WHAT: The fine dust got trapped and suspended within the thick pretend snot. that is the idea of getting mucus in your nose. we tend to use it to trap all the dust, pollen and junk that is floating in the air. generally once you blow your nose, out comes gross black stuff. it's usually mucus with trapped dust. It's healthier to keep that kind of dirt outside of our bodies. And with the miracle of snot on guard, most of the junk is trapped and then blown out in boogers!


Facts About BOOGERS

  1. booger7 out of ten people admit to picking their boogers. Gross! Out of these seven people, three individuals admit to consumption their boogers. Grosser!
  2. Some mucus is swallowed (about a quart a day) and some stays nestled in your nose. after you breathe dry air into your nose, that mucous secretion is dried and becomes a booger.
  3. The medical term for picking your nose is Rhinotillexomania. rhino means “nose,”  tillexis means “habit of selecting,” and well mania means “excessive enthusiasm.”
  4. Your sinuses will make 2 liters of mucous secretion a day. That’s almost eight and a half cups or the equivalent of the quantity of water you should be drinking every day! Your nose makes a habit of running wild after you have a cold or flu, your nose makes additional mucous secretion to keep germs out of your lungs and the rest of your body. This additional secretion runs down your throat or out your nose or some might build a temporary home in your sinuses making you feel all stuffy up there.
  5. Eating boogers is not necessarily unhealthy for you because it can strengthen your immune system. However, using your finger that has germs and bacteria on it to retrieve the booger isn't healthy. All the icky stuff on your fingers is going inside your nose. it's also not healthy to later place that finger in your mouth.
  6. The sneeziest animal is the iguana.  The iguana sneezes to rid of their bodies of certain salts that are the normal byproduct of their digestive|biological process} process.
  7. Snot is formed of mostly of water. But, snot is also made of small particles that are in the air we breathe like dirt, pollen, dirt, smoke, germs, and sand. when air debris gets trapped in your tiny little nose hairs, it mixes with snot or secretion and from there, can become a booger. Boogers come in every kind of textures, colors, and sizes. they'll be green, squishy, and blobby. they'll be brown, dry, and crumbly.
  8. Your nose also runs after you cry. Why? Tears drain through the tear ducts that empty into your nose. Tears mix with mucus there and your nose runs.Cold weather conjointly makes noses run. If your nose is cold, it tries to heat up the cold air you breathe before sending it to the lungs. small blood vessels within your nostrils open wider (dilate), serving to to heat up that air. but that additional blood flow results in additional mucus production.
  9. It is also possible to get boogers in your eye. that is right, eye boogers! typically within the morning, you may awaken with some build up (made of mucus, dust, tear, and dead skin cells) within the corners of your eyes. Some individuals call this "sleep" or "crusties", however the medical term is rheum. like your nose boogers, eye boogers may also vary in texture, color, and size. If you have got allergies or an eye infection, you'll have additional eye boogers.

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